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    Principal Message

    I wish to convey my heartfelt greetings to all the nursing students. Nursing profession as it is the most truly considered, is a highly honorable profession involving compassionate and dedicated care.
     Florence Nightingale, affectionately known as the saintly, iron-willed ? lady with lamp? is a legend, her benignant presence was an influence for comport even amidst the struggle of expiring nature. Her greatest achievement was to raise nursing to the level of a respectable and highly regarded profession. Florence Nightingale fewer as an highly inspiration for nurses today.
    In this eve the institution imparting knowledge to the students by providing teaching by our highly qualified & experienced teachers and corporting in a highly advanced nursing education technology.
    The institution is aiming for overall development of the students by conducting various educational activities like seminars, workshops, conferences and educative gatherings in order to prepare globally competitive nurses to serve the human society.

    I am glad to say that, today the students who were graduated from our shridevi institute of nursing are serving at various parts of world & delivering a excellent guditative care to the human beings.

    The institution is encouraging graduate and post graduate nursing students to take part in various research activities related to advancement in the nursing profession.

    Shridevi College of Nursing


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